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St Lucia Kayaking Cruise Pickups
Easy Dock Pickups
With this special, cruise ship vacationers get the opportunity to explore the ultimate natural beauty of St. Lucia. If your cruise ship is docking on this island, then we can provide a truly Caribbean kayaking experience. You will be picked up for your trip to explore what nature has to offer with your kayaking tour. The tour uses expedition touring kayaks and sit on top units all with rudders and storage hatches. The tour comprises a training component especially for the use of the decked units. Your tour can include Marigot Bay which runs along the sheltered west coast of the island into the Roseau River or Pigeon Island where you can kayak, snorkel and visit the historical Fort Rodney.
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Marigot Bay has been photographed so many times that first time tourists often experience a jolt of recognition. Not surprising. This peaceful landscape of swaying palms and sparkling clear water also caught the eye of film makers who used the bay as a location for the filming of the original Dr Dolittle starring Rex Harrison in 1967. Clients are transferred to the shop where they are introduced to the kayaking guide and briefed on the safety equipment and technique (20 - 30 minutes). You enter the water from Marigot Bay and kayak on to the open sea interacting with the west coast, you enter the river approx 20 minutes from the departure at Marigot Bay. In the river you will travel along a lagoon and canopied mangroves nestled with birds. From the lagoon you go up river for a short distance then turn back on route to the sea. This section is roughly half an hour on route to the sea and eventually back to Marigot. En route to and from the river are a number of sites that can be used for snorkeling, conditions permitting. Minimum Numbers: 2 Persons | 2 - 5 persons US$70.00 | 6 + persons US$60.00 
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Pigeon Island, a 40-acre islet connected by a causeway to St. Lucia's west coast, is a beautiful nature park which reflects a thousand years of history. There are marked trails with a number of historical sites, like the remains of an 18th- century British fort and Fort Rodney, where the Admiral for which it is named spied on the French ships from its strategic viewpoint . The island also has two secluded beaches. Kayaking at Pigeon Island is for the introductory and non-experience kayaker. The area is a sheltered bay along the Caribbean sea, the 2 mile beach area is nestled with hotels, restaurants and bars. The adventurous kayaker can visit one of the two remote islets La Wash Bourget rock or bird rock conditions permitting. Clients are transferred to pigeon island where they are introduced to the kayaking guide and briefed on the safety equipment and technique (20 - 30 minutes). You enter the water from one of the private beaches at pigeon island which is also the area for snorkeling. the level 1 kayaker travels parallel to the coastline whereas the level 2 can mix this experience with a sea trek to one of the remote islets. Minimum Numbers: 4 Persons | 4 - 5 persons US$65.00 | 6 + persons US$55.00
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St. Lucia is rated as one of the unexploited underwater secrets in the Caribbean. With its pristine and highly diverse coral reefs, pinnacles and shipwrecks, this island offers the visitor the ideal snorkel adventure. You get a Prime Snorkel Tour which is done off the dive boat to one of our prime reserve snorkel sites followed by your kayaking tour. Tour Skills Rating: One star (moderate) - Novice Time of Tour: 3 - 4 Hours (Half Day) Features: Snorkel/swim/beach area/River/mangrove/sea Cost: US$105.00 per person |Minimum Numbers: 2 + Persons - includes pickups and returns.
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Marigot Bay to Anse Cochon Kayak Tour, this tour has a bit of everything including sea, river and a lot of coastal ocean island kayaking. You get a number of stops for lunch (provided) or relax, you can also visit a fishing village for that local experience. You are provided all kayak equipment, lunch and guide. With this tour you can be brought back by boat, vehicle or return by kayak. Tour Skills Rating: One -Three stars (novice to intermediate) 1 Way Time of Tour: 2 1/2 - 3 Hours 2 Way Time of Tour: 5 - 6 Hours Features: Snorkel/swim/beach area/Mangrove/sea/remote islands Cost: US$120.00 per person |Minimum Numbers: 2 + Persons - includes pickups and returns, energy snacks and fruits.
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