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SEA KAYAK ADVENTURES There are several breathtaking St Lucia Kayak Tours as well as Tropical Nature sceneries to bind your experience.
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RIVER KAYAKING TOURS Experience canopied river estuaries the feeding grounds for many of the northern island bird inhabitancies.
CRUISE SHIP KAYAK EXCURSIONS With this special, cruise ship vacationers get the opportunity to explore the ultimate natural beauty of St. Lucia.


MARIGOT BAY/ROSEAU RIVER - SEA AND RIVER NATURE KAYAK TOUR Marigot Bay has been photographed so many times that first time tourists often experience a jolt of recognition. Get the best of all worlds - Sea, Coastal and River Kayaking. Nature at it’s ultimate best!!!
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PIGEON ISLAND SEA KAYAKING AND NATURE TRAIL TOUR Pigeon Island, an islet connected by a causeway to the west coast, is a beautiful nature park which reflects years of history.
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